Anne Marie Wolochatiuk

Anne Marie’s passion for colour and design began when she first held a crayon in her little hand. Later, Anne Marie expressed herself as an artist through her paintings where she was inspired by color and light. It was a logical next step for Anne Marie to use that inspiration in her home decors.

Recently returning to North America after living abroad, Anne Marie brings her extensive international experiences to her artistic and decorating style. Over the last twenty years, Anne Marie has visited over 40 different countries and has lived in South Korea and Singapore where she first began her restyling career.

Anne Marie took advantage of her unique circumstances and immersed herself in local cultures. She was in her element, and her natural penchant for getting a bargain was kicked into high gear during her travels. It wasn’t surprising to see Anne Marie haggling at the night market in Changmai, perusing peddler’s wares on the roadside in Ubud, or brushing the dust off found treasures at a flea market in Puerto Banus. Her clients were quick to realize Anne Marie’s gift of achieving a high-end look without a high-end price.

Her style? Chic and eclectic. Hip yet elegant. Classic sophistication that is warm and welcoming.

Anne Marie graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree, as well as having her ASP accreditation. She currently resides with her husband in Austin, Texas but spends a substantial amount of time in her home in the Niagara region. She has two daughters; one who continues her post graduate studies and the other who lives abroad.

Anne Marie Wolochatiuk’s Services

Let Anne Marie work with you in developing an initial design concept for your space. Her years of experience traveling the world and working with residential and commercial clients can help you hone in on the look that reflects you. She will listen to your needs, taking into consideration your interests, lifestyle, and budget, in order to craft a design that is YOU.

Whether it’s sifting through thrift shops or heading to a Design Centre, Anne Marie can help you select just the right furniture, accessories, artwork, flooring, wall covering, lighting and more to make your home an inviting livable space, ideal for you.

We all know that the right paint colour can transform a room. Anne Marie can help you select the perfect colours for your home based on your furnishings, the play of light and shadow and your individual style.

Do you own great accessories or artwork but are unsure how to display them to their greatest advantage? Anne Marie is a master at making sure the things you love most are displayed in an attractive manner that enhances your home. She believes in surrounding yourself with the things you love, but without a strict eye for matching.

Simply moving a chair or a table can change the entire feel of a room. Reconfiguring furniture can make a room feel new without having to buy a single new item.  Anne Marie can use your existing pieces and rearrange them to create a space that meets your needs.

Need new furniture? Whether you need a roomful of furniture, a statement piece that “makes” the room or just an accent item to finish it off, Anne Marie will help you find it within your budget.

A master of sifting, with your permission, Anne Marie will go through the other rooms in your home to “mix it up.” Perhaps an old bedroom dresser makes the perfect front foyer console! She has the vision to repurpose what you’ve forgotten about. Don’t be afraid to let Anne Marie “sift” through your basement or attic – she’s seen it all, and never tells.

Selling your home? As an ASP certified home stager, Anne Marie’s keen eye will allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home.  She knows just what it takes to increase your home’s value and set it apart from the competition in the market.

Anne Marie works with general contractors as well as subcontractors on a variety of construction projects from minor renovations to custom built homes. She has the vision and the skill to help you navigate the complex process of building or renovating your home.

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