It’s hard when you know what you like but have no ability to create. It’s even harder when you have someone to help you create and you can’t explain what you want because you can’t create visuals. Solution: Anne Marie. She has the uncanny ability to know what you want without explanation and to make it work on any budget. While she can have wonderfully fun, quirky, eclectic ideas, she somehow transforms them into chic and timeless designs that will last years. The first room Anne Marie helped design in my home was more than 12 years ago and it is still a showcase. She is the interior designer that you dream of having but you can’t afford, except you can.


Anne Marie was keen on working with the things I already owned and loved. Budget constraints can sometimes get in the way, but she never made me feel like her ideas required more than I could afford. Her ability to inject a few small newer things that didn’t break the bank somehow pulled the entire room design together. She has this innate sense of scale and proportion, that most would call “a great eye”. So worth the investment in walking into a room I now love!


When Anne Marie laid out the proposed color scheme for my living and dining room, I was apprehensive, to say the least. I could see when we started talking about how to give my spaces their much needed face lift, she already was seeing the changes in her mind. Never in a million years did I think the new colors on my walls, staircase and fireplace could ever have such an amazing impact. With the addition of a few new accessories, the rooms went from dated and drab to WOW! Compliments are flying with anyone who walks in now!


She asked all the right questions before designing my clinic in order to gain a better understanding of how we needed to utilize our space. And she made it beautiful too. She just “gets it”.


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